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Analyses that use this web tool to interrogate large gene lists across multiple gene set databases may take several minutes. If you prefer to have the results emailed to you, instead of waiting for them, please type in your email address in the dialogue box below. GeneSetDB will then email you the results. GeneSetDB will not store your email address.

Gene/Gene Set Search

1. Query term(s)

2. Search option
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3. Choose DB

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Sample data
Gene/Gene Set Search tutorial

Enrichment Analysis

1. Gene List
paste gene list


upload gene list file

2. Input ID type

3. Choose DB

4. FDR

5. Submit
After submit is pressed it can take a little while until the page refreshes.

Sample data
Enrichment Analysis tutorial

GeneSetDB is freely available for academic purposes. The users for commercial purposes should contact us ( The use of downloadable data stored in GeneSetDB is based on the terms of use of each source database.